Common Computer Problems

Computers or PCs are fantastic when they function well- allowing you instant communications with the world, loads of information to learn about and the ability to entertain the entire family. Problems start, though, when a PC does not work right any longer. Without the right information this can become extremely annoying to overcome.

There are many reasons why a PC may fail or not function as you would expect. Here are some of the main reasons.

Hardware Failure

As with all things that contains electronics or mechanical parts, things can go wrong – it's part of life. If this happens to you then, once you ascertain what has failed, the failing component can be replaced. Of course, the main problematic area can be diagnosing the fault in the first place.


Yes astonishingly there are still computer users in this world today who do not protect themselves with anti virus software on their computer – despite the fact that there are many free applications to download to protect you. If you do get a virus on your PC you may find this can deteriorate your PC's performance and even cause an absolute failure.

Spyware / adware

Whist spyware and adware are generally is not as damaging as having a virus it can often block up your computer and slow your Internet connections causing an ultimately slow machine. Not to mention the security risks of having these on your machine. A free downloadable anti adware or spyware program should help resolve this issue.


Sometimes a computer goes slightly wrong and people go into panic mode – restart your machine – it may often solve your problem. Programs do crash and this is a fact of life. Sometimes if something has crashed it is obvious what is going on but other times it can not be so obvious. A restart of your computer can often solve these types of issues.

Slow Computer

This is a common computer issue – often after owning using a computer regularly for a long period of time, downloading trial software, installing new applications etc etc. Your computer is often trying to load a hundred different programs on start-up that you do not even need – (do you have loads of icons down by the clock?). This is taking up valuable computer resources and will end up slowing your machine down. Either uninstall any programs no longer needed or disable them from the start-up menu.