The Importance of Scale When Selecting Doll House Kits

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If you are searching for doll house kits with the expectation of making a purchase it is important to consider the scale that you will need. Many people have been disappointed with their acquisitions due to lack of knowledge on how dollhouses are scaled.

It is important to know that dollhouses are not a “one-size-fits-all” product line. Equally important is recognizing that the most popular dolls are not scaled to the same proportions as most dollhouse kits.

It is not uncommon for a little girl to request a dollhouse nor for parents or grandparents to attempt to make the wish come true. To avoid getting the wrong scale dollhouse answer the question, “What is the size of the dolls that will be used with the house?”

Most dollhouses are made to a scale of 1″ to 1′, or 1/12th. The most common doll used for play by little girls is scaled to 2″ to 1′, or 1/6th. So the doll won’t fit in a normal doll house. By the standard scale of a 1″ to 1′ the standard doll would stand 12 inches tall in a 6 inch world.

Not only will the doll not fit in these dollhouses but imagine the difficulty a little girl will have trying to place her doll on furniture that is half the doll’s size.

The good news is that there are dollhouse kits that are scaled to fit the most popular dolls. Just make certain that you share that information with the merchant you are dealing with.

You may be disappointed when you begin to search for a dollhouse that is scaled to a standard doll size because the houses are not generally as attractive as many of the dollhouse kits on the market. Just remember that these houses are designed for rugged play by little girls which also points to the reason that most dollhouses are set to a different scale. These dollhouses are primarily targeted to hobbyists and collectors. Without question little girls like them and can use them for play but they may be disappointed to find that their favorite dolls don’t fit.

In the popular doll scale line of doll houses you will find sufficient variety to make any little girl happy ranging in prices from about $100 to $500. Some come with furniture and some do not but furniture can be purchased separately.

You will also want to inquire about the degree of difficulty for assembling the house. For example, one model is advertised as being a “quick-build” kit. Vendors can usually give you an idea of what you are getting yourself into. When you do your homework you will end up with a fun and satisfying project.

Without question little girls love doll houses. If you determine to give such a special gift to your little girl or granddaughter then make it a pleasurable experience for you. Do your homework and select a project that you can handle and that will go beautifully with her expectations. If you don’t know what she wants you may be in for a rude awakening when she declares, “My dolls don’t fit!”