If You Do not Want to Work, What Will You Do?


If you say the feeling of "do not want to work" is common symptoms, and then what do people do to if they do not want to go to work? Maybe some people have to go on work as always. But some are different, they start a new life.

1.If you do not want to work, you can go for further education.

Anna's former boss said Anna is a good staff with positive working attitude. Just a few years ago, she was promoted from a clerk to business manager in a foreign company. Logically speaking, Anna is a dedicated "workaholic" and working should be a source of satisfaction and accomplishment to her. However, more than a year ago, she resigned from the company unexpectedly and went back to the classroom for studying.

It is not because Anna did not want to work, but she did not only her own knowledge is a little bit drawn out in high-intensity work situation but also the increased work experience inhibited her enthusiasm for creative work. So, Anna completed the EMBA course in a whole year and had a full summary for her work in the past years. At the meanime, she also learns a second language French. Now, after that, Anna excitedly begins another new challenging job.

2. If you do not want to work, you can go to travel.

"Work – Travel and work – travel", Lisa carried out in accordance with this timetable when she quit job from a company. Lisa cave herself a holiday, and then traveled as short as a month or two, or as long as one year. Lisa said this is the life way she likes.

She not only can enjoy herself at work, but also can have a rest when she does not want to work.

Go to travel when do not want to work, and come back to work when the tourism finished, this is the lifestyle Most of people are dreaming of.

3. If you do not want to work, you can go home to be a SOHO.

To be a SOHO, you no longer have to hurry to work every morning. Lily now is a full-fledged SOHO family. She once was a senior manager in the office, but now she said she does not want to go back to work in office any more. She said the days often worked overtime just like a nightmare for her. Now, Lily is managing her online shops at home, selling many products like toys, shoes and clothes ….. She can be free to arrange a day of work, life and time to spend with her family members.

"Do not want to work" is a reflection of diversity life choices