Collecting Writing Pens As a Hobby

Some people are naturally attracted to writing instruments, as some writing pens, especially those made with skilled hands and completed with superb craftsmanship, are a sight to behold. Others admire writing instruments because of their history and romantic connotations. In this day and age, everyone prefers to send messages or letters via email, and receiving hand-written letters have become so rare, it is almost a dying art.

For a person who is interested in establishing an anthology of writing pens, there are several factors to consider. As many of us know, writing pens can be an invaluable collection. Writing apparatus from the 15th century were crafted with precious jewels and encased in gold or silver, and are presently worth almost a million dollars. If the condition of the writing pen is pristine and without visible flaws, the prices escalate even further. It truly depends on the collector, some prefer pens which do not have real monetary value but instead appreciate the aesthetics, whilst other collect expensive writing pens for their future value.

There are several ways to start this hobby. Some of them include joining clubs such as the Pen Collectors of America, the Writing Entrepreneur Society and several other reputable clubs which provide members with comprehensive information on types, forms and function of writing instruments. There are also a few reputable websites to look into such as PenWorld, PenLovers and PenHero. Unsurpisingly, since there are many writing pens connoisseurs and budding ones, publications like PennA and Stylus can also help get a collection started. There are also plenty of books on the subject available.

By comparison, pens of the older era were made more minute and refined than contemporary ones. Pen craftsmen back then paid more attention to design and detail, sometimes forgetting function. The mark of true gentlemen lies in the writing instrument he carries. Antique pens have different cartridges and ink flow systems. For instance, writing pens before the 60s have disposable cartridges which need constant replacing. Some vintage pens are of no frills, where some are not.

Nowadays however, in honor of writing instruments made in the baroque or Byzantine era has made a remarkable comeback. Famous manufacturers such as Mont Blanc produce luxury and exquisite pens meant for display or to complement an already expensive wardrobe.

To start a collection and if there is a budget in mind, always start small and do not get too ambitious. The collection can always be refined over time once more knowledge is attained. In the course of collecting writing pens, a person may change his mind and taste could differ. Some would lean towards the eclectic, and others would choose to amass an array of stoic-looking ones.

Extravagant pens are usually rendered in solid gold or silver and even platinum, and are coated with precious jewels such as diamonds, rubies, and pearls. For example, The Limited Edition Mystery Masterpiece, beautifully collaborated by Van Cleef & Arpels with the legendary Mont Blanc, cost over $ 700, 000 each, and only nine such writing instruments were produced.