Stuck Inside – 5 Fun Things to Do When It's Raining

It's raining, it's pouring, I'm stuck inside, and it's boring!

Is it raining cats and dogs? Are you going bonkers with the free time? Well then, have I got news for you! You can get rid of that boredom with these fun activities.

Here are a few ideas:

o Make up silly poems and act them out. You'll need paper, pencils, and a chest of old clothes. Old Halloween costumes would be awesome here!

Give everyone paper and pencils. Have everyone make up silly poems. It can be about anything they choose.

Ask for a volunteer, but tell them you can't say what their job will be yet. Wait until someone volunteers and then tell them they have to stand in front of the group and use the chest of clothes to act out the silly poems.

Now pick someone to read the poem as the volunteer acts out the poem.

When you're done, pick someone new and act out the other poems.

(You could also play this variation of the game: Show everyone the clothes in the chest and then have them create their poem around the clothes.)

o Play "Favorite Things" Game. You'll need paper and pencils.

Pick one person to name their favorite things. For example:

o Favorite color
o Favorite food
o Favorite drink
o Favorite place
o Favorite car
o Favorite animal
o Favorite smell

You can use as few or as many favorite things as you like. Make the list your own.

Write down the list of their favorite things as they name them.

Now create a story using their favorite things.

Read the story out loud.

You can do this for each person. Have fun with it!

o Bake cookies. Do you have a favorite cookie? Ask Mom or Dad to help you bake them. Make sure you have all the ingredients before you begin. Oh yes, and the milk! Don't forget the milk!

o Look at family photo albums. Take out the family photo albums and share memories. Find the cutest outfit you wore when you were a baby … the funniest face you ever made … the craziest hairdo you ever had. It's a lot of fun looking back at old pictures!

o Read a story. Pick out a book that everyone will enjoy. Let each person take a turn reading the story or pick one person to read. Reading is a good way to pass time and to learn about new places and things.

Rainy days don't have to be boring. Try some of these things and you'll soon forget you can't go outside and realize how much fun you're having inside!