How to Care for Your Hair Naturally

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We all want shiny healthy hair. But can we achieve it with natural products and ingredients, or do we really need the whole range of shampoos, conditioners, treatments, styling products and more that we see advertised every day?

Well the answer is – “Yes” you can have gorgeous healthy hair and still keep it natural.

Here are 5 tips for naturally shiny, healthy hair –

– Feed your hair from the inside

Did you know that your hair and skin are last in line for nutrients? So if your diet is lacking, it will show here first. Make sure you are eating a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein, “good” fats from nuts, seeds and oily fish and drink plenty of water.

– Watch the “product”

Too much styling product, colour and the like can damage hair. Many products coat hair and build up so that you then need harsh shampoos to remove them, which only damages your hair. Take it easy with how much and how many different products you use. As hair becomes healthier, you may find you need them less and less.

– Gentle cleansing is best

Use gentle, sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners on your hair. These do not “coat” the hair, which can make it look flat and dull over time. Instead they gently cleanse without stripping out all your hair’s natural oils, The result – healthy clean shiny hair.

– Oils are not always the enemy!

Many people view oil in hair as a disaster and wash to remove all of this for “squeaky clean” hair. As for your skin, your hair needs some of the natural oils to help keep it healthy and shiny. Even if you have very oily hair, gentle cleansing is still best so that your scalp does not over-produce oil to compensate for the oil you are stripping out.

– Give your hair a healthy treat

It is easy to give your hair an extra treat if it feels dry, coarse or lifeless. Try a warm (not hot) oil treatment by working jojoba oil through hair to the ends, then covering with a shower cap (or cling film) and a towel to keep the warmth from your head in. Leave for a couple of hours and then wash as normal.

Follow these tips and you should have healthy gorgeous hair in no time.

Treat your hair with gentleness and natural products and see the results!

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