Important Issues When Purchasing a New Washing Machine

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Just about everyone in the modern, civilized world has seen or used a washing machine. But these invaluable devices are intricately designed to the highest manufacturer’s specifications in order to perform the washing function most effectively. If you’re in the market for a new washing machine, or just want to learn more about your current one, here are the main points and features to consider.

Load Size

Whether you’re using Beko washing machines, an Indesit washing machine, or any other make and model of washing machines, load size is perhaps your most important consideration. If the load capacity is too small, you’ll have to do too many separate loads. If it’s too big for your standard loads, you’ll be wasting water and electricity. Select the load size you wash at most for best results.

Spin Speed

The faster your washing machine spins, the drier your clothes will get. You should, however, carefully consider any machine that has too many high spin speeds. Five is typically the limit for any unit.

Performance Rating

This measurement tells you the overall performance capacity of a washing machine. All the elements on this list are combined and a numerical rating is determined. The numbers are different for each machine and for each manufacturer. The higher the rating, the better quality machine.

Water Consumption

Water consumption is important because you don’t want to waste excess water on smaller loads. The heavy-duty washing machines all consume much more water than the small to medium size units. One tip is to only consider purchasing models that consume the minimum required amount to provide a standard, clean load of laundry, and nothing more.

Energy Consumption Rating

Depending on how much of your laundry is washed in cold, warm or hot water, you’ll have varying degrees of energy consumption. You’ll always have a higher energy consumption rating if you consistently wash in hot water at long wash cycles. Cooler temperatures will ensure lower energy use and consumption levels.

Wash Time

This can vary from 30 minutes to 120 minutes depending on the machine. Most people want the quickest wash cycle time possible, so it’s wise to invest in a machine that’s on the rapid side. But remember large loads will always take longer than small to moderate ones.

Noise Levels

Not every machine is that well insulated or sound proof. The more expensive ones are, but the smaller ones tend to create the most noise. Few machines actually have unbearably loud levels, but if you use your machine in your kitchen, you should buy a quieter one than if you use it in a separate, distant utility room or far off in the garage

Top or Front Load

Everyone has their preference how they most enjoy loading their laundry. They both work equally well.

Optional Features

These include items like timers, buzzers, automatic laundry detergent fill, and a host of other unnecessary but occasionally useful devices.

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