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Science is a beautiful entity and it is making the world more compact. Cumbersome inventions are turning into hand-held units. Same is the case with notebook computers. These are extremely light computers that can be fitted perfectly into a briefcase.

Notebook computers are portable, as you may assess, and its screens use the flat panel technology used in liquid crystal displays and plasma. Notebooks can be handy in situations where you can’t dream of carrying a desktop PC. Notebooks are highly compatible with wi-fi and HSDPA. The idea is to connect to the world in a better way and increase corporate advantage. The facility of expeditious data transfer is another bonus.

It also does not require a lot of cooling fans as it does not generate a lot of heat. This makes it a super-gadget for power consumption.

Having given laptop a clear edge, there are still few points to ponder. First, when equi-priced, notebooks perform to a lesser capacity than desktops. Mathematical algorithms and numerical software related problems expose the performance of a laptop. (This may include problems of computer science and engineering)

Notebooks use a track pad and have flat keyboards. This makes them quite unhealthy in terms of ergonomics. Moreover, the concept of notebook is bound to leisure and hence a person rarely likes to use it in the disciplined way. The first drawback leads to repetitive strain injury and the later problem leads to body posture debility.

Also, because of a variance in trademarked designs, notebooks suffer from difficulty in firmware upgrades. This makes the hardware vulnerable to being outdated.

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