Interactive Reading Games For a Three Year Old

Do you want your child to learn to concentrate, build their vocabulary and build a close relationship with you as the parent? If the answer is yes then you need to play interactive reading games. Your three year old child can do many simple reading activities.

At three your child can:

  • rhyme
  • they learn that when they read a book multiple times the words do not change
  • they can make a connection between the characters of a story and themselves
  • they like to make their own books
  • they can find the beginning, middle and end of a story
  • they can discuss a story with you

At this stage they like to talk to you about the story, characters and events that happen in the story. Three's can gather a lot of information from books and tell you later. This stage is fun because you can use books from all the formats that you like, use nonfiction and fiction books. They like books with actual pictures or photographs. They are especially fond of animal books. They like to read about animals that they have seen. When you use rhyming books read them all the way to the end so that your child hears the rhythm of the language. Pretending to read is also a favorite activity at this age.


  • simple "why about a favorite book"
  • rhyming books with actions
  • making connections between characters and your child
  • chanting games using a book
  • number games counting
  • alphabet games singing or saying the alphabet

Children of this age love to tell you about their books and what they read. They will be able to turn pages and know where the beginning of the book is. His ability to chant the words of books with you will signal you that he is listening to you read. Remember to keep all activities a game. Learn from your child, they are very capable of inventing their own games for you to play.