A Solution to Feminine Hygiene Disposal

More and more public restrooms are being outfitted with restroom sanitation equipment. This type of equipment includes things such as automated toilet flushers, sanitary floor mats, and automatic faucets just to name a few. This proactive effort is encouraging to see because the general public is now more aware of what they can do when looking to avoid germs – especially those in public restrooms.

One specific area in the restroom that needs more promotion is feminine hygiene disposal. Too many schools, offices and other public restroom facilities currently do not offer the ideal disposal services. Typically the disposal service involves a special trash can, and must be emptied by an employee on a daily basis. The problem with this approach is twofold. First, many females are afraid to open the container with their hand for fear of touching an unsanitary product. This results in our second problem which is plumbing blockage that is associated with the flushing of sanitary products.

Avoiding Contact

Avoiding contact with any type of unsanitary feminine product should be the focus of any female restroom patron. In order to provide the best solution, some facility owners and building managers are turning to professional feminine hygiene disposal services. This helps with the following:

· Decreases the amount of cross-infection and exposure to blood-borne pathogens.

· Biodegradable E-Cards placed inside the units inhibit bacterial growth and eliminate odor.

· No more open or overflowing containers in the bathroom.

· Decreased plumbing issues as a result of the flushing of sanitary products.

· Eliminate the need to change the liners daily. This decreases the amount of labor and cleaning costs.

When Problems Arise

When problems arise in public restrooms it can be a frustrating experience because many of the problems could have been avoided. When there is not an adequate way to dispose of feminine hygiene products, many females make a decision that typically results in costly repairs. Did you know that companies spend thousands of dollars in plumbing repairs each year when tampons swell and clog pipes? Having the right disposal equipment in public restrooms can save organizations thousands of dollars annually. It is also important to note that many elect to use an abundant amount of toilet paper to wrap used tampons and pads. This type of consumption can be cost over time.

What You Can Do

If your school or office does not offer a clean and safe way to dispose of your waste waste, talk to your boss, facility manager or the building owner about utilizing the proper equipment. Educating them on the advantages of this type of technology will help them understand that providing a better solution is not only responsible and more hygienic, but can also help cut cost annually.