Winter Sock Basics

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Winter is the right season for the socks, because in addition to heat, are almost always interesting accessory.

Have become an important fashion accessory the mid 60s of last century, when the skirt got shorter dimension. Women have long realized that the legs provide finer form, so they quickly accepted the inevitable in detail in most apparel combinations.

The designers have worked hard this season to offer colors and models to be rich, so it is not difficult to find the perfect model for any occasion.

If you are a supporter of bright colors, this is definitely your year, precisely because such models are abundant – of red, yellow, pink, the ones with colorful desain. They also wear with skirts, dresses and trousers with variants.

Are interesting and socks with applications, abstract motifs and animal print. Stress and those with stripes, polka dot, and models in two colors. If you have your choice of socks in strong colors, it would be desirable to select clothes with them in quiet tones and simple cuts.

This season in particular stand out, and models that carry over his knees, and designed from wool, cashmere, silk, lycra. The perfect go with mini dresses and skirts. A popular are socks and the variant with shoes or sandals with open toes.

Can not be bypassed or lace and mesh stockings, which always should be combined with wearing elegant variation, and this winter than in black and beige, and bear a clear and lively tones.

Given that this season’s fashion scene and the 80-rule, the current and socks in shades of gold and silver, as well as those scattered dots.

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