Boat Building Kits For the Amateur Builder

Boat building kits are ideal for the hobbyist builder looking to get into constructing their first boat. It's often best to start out with a canoe, kayak or a small sailboat / rowboat in order to get familiar with the build process and materials.

A lot of the boat kits are designed in the 'stitch and glue' or 'tack and tape' build method that uses sheet plywood and epoxy resin. These are the simplest and cheapest to construct. The pre-cut plywood and epoxy-fiberglass kits often contain all the materials necessary to construct and completely finish the boat.

The stitch and glue method is a process of using pre-cut marine ply panels to a precision size, which are stitched or clamped together with the help of wire sutures or cable tires. The panels are than glued (epoxied) to bond and seal all parts and later coated with a fiberglass tape.

It's always a wise investment to purchase a detailed set of boat plans that come with step-by-step instructions and detailed drawings will all the dimensions. It is possible to assemble a boat out of a book or magazine article, but working from plans, is that much easier.

The construction time for these kits can range from 20 to 25 hours for a 12 'rowboat in' stitch and glue 'method that requires no special woodworking skills or tools to 250 to 350 hours to fully construct a 22' Bay boat including all the fairing and painting.

It's not necessary to be a master woodworker to follow the plans contained in one of the boat building kits, but it can help to have some carpentry skills under the belt. Even so, if someone's willing to put in the time and do some homework these kits are do-able by just about anyone.