Buy Your Own Aviation Model RC Plane

In the early years of aviation after the golden age of air ship, more precisely after Charles Lindbergh’s solo flight across the Atlantic in 1927, airplanes with radial engines ruled the skies. The 30s and 40s decade saw many classic flying machines built primarily for the military. Those days’ pilots wore scarves, goggles, boots and leather helmets. Amelia Mary Earhart created history flying solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 1932. Amelia Earhart disappeared into history in the year 1937 attempting to circumnavigate the globe.

People are still fascinated by the life, career and the airplanes of early aviators. The real nostalgia buffs still prefer to have RC models of classic airplanes of yesteryears. An RC model airplane is a miniature of the original airplane that once flew. They are built using the same principles of aerodynamics as the original planes.

Classic RC model airplanes look exactly like their originals. They are colored just like the original and have the same logos and symbols as the original ones. These planes are either electric or gas powered. Electrically powered classic RC airplanes use high performance batteries which need frequent recharging.

The fuel powered or gas powered classic RC airplanes have a glow plug engine and the fuel used is gasoline, methanol, or nitromethane. They are also referred as nitro RC model airplanes.

RC model airplane enthusiasts who prefer the classic models can purchase kits that are widely available and build their own classic model. The kits are available as ARTF (almost ready to fly) or RTF (ready to fly). But the real hobbyists prefer to assemble their own classic RC airplanes. A little knowledge of aeronautics and airplanes will help but if you don’t have it, you can buy scale RC airplane plans or RC airplane kits and assemble it.

In the early 1930s, model flying was very different from what it is today. In those days the planes were self propelled by rubber bands but as technology progressed it was possible to make small internal combustion engines for model airplanes. Today vintage RC airplanes have the same classic appearance but they sport the modern glow plug engine and an advanced radio gear.

Traditional classic model RC airplanes were powered by diesel engines, there are still some manufacturers making them. You may buy a kit or build a classic RC airplane from scratch using plans. The classic RC airplanes are large scale models of original planes and balsa wood is used in their construction.

These planes are large and hence fly slowly and gently. These planes will typically have a 4stroke glow plug engine and a 3 channel radio. Ben Buckle, a British company is a much respected manufacturer of classic RC airplanes. You may choose from a number of designs which are available such as ‘Majestic Major’, ‘Buccaneer’ or the ‘Flying Quaker’.

If you prefer the electric powered airplanes then the ‘Aerobatic Classic Bi-Plane Electric RC Plane’ is recommended. It’s a ready to fly model and you can get started once you remove the model from the box. The Bi-Plane design is very stable, the plane performs awesome loops, rolls, upside down flights and many other stunts. It can take off from any smooth surface. The package includes charger, rechargeable batteries, and radio transmitter. This classic RC model airplane appeals to both the novice and veteran.