Cabbage Patch Kids Dress Up for Halloween

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Although Cabbage Patch Kids may not be as loved or desired as they were when they came out in the 70s, kids still adore them. With their button noses and soft bodies, they are a treat for kids of any age, and when kids outgrow them, they save them as collectibles.

If your child’s birthday is close to Halloween, a good craft idea for the party is for each child to make a Halloween outfit for her own Cabbage Patch – any child who doesn’t own one is free to make one for someone else to give as a gift. Since you want the girls to make the costumes, choose something easy like a ghost, pumpkin, or devil rather than something complicated like a bride or fairy. You can choose to pay for the material as part of the party cost or you can ask each girl to bring the amount of material that is necessary in order to make the outfit.

Depending on how many girls are coming to the party, the cost to provide the material may be minimal compared to asking the children to bring something and appearing “cheap.” However you choose to handle it, you want to make sure each guest chooses the costume she wants to make before the party, especially if you are providing the material. Use material like Popsicle sticks and the like to make the accessories that are needed to go with the outfit. You may have to help with the accessories, especially if you have swords or wands.

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