Features of Best Ski Jackets

Your selection of ski apparel is the most important part of preparations for your ski holiday. Proper Ski apparel consists of a ski jacket, ski pants, ski gloves and ski socks. This article aims at helping you select the most appropriate and proper gear for your trip.

Ski jackets come in different types and qualities and normally range in price from $ 145 to $ 450 depending upon the brand and features it offers. The basic features a ski jacket must have are discussed below:


Waterproofing is an essential characteristic. You should not consider buying a jacket that is not waterproof because even dry snow quickly transfers moisture to your body and makes you feel cold and uncomfortable. Water proofing is scientifically measured in millimeters (mm) of water. Normally, the range is from 5,000mm to 10,000mm. Look to have a minimum waterproofing rating of 5,000mm, with the best on the market have waterproofing rating of up to 20,000mm.


The jackets come in insulated and non-insulated (shell) types. Insulation also ranges from thin to very thick. The choice of insulation depends upon your body characteristics; If you are a warmer person by nature or you come from a warm region you should consider insulation a major factor in making the decision. Some jackets also feature additional zippers inside the jacket to control accumulation of heat inside.


Your jacket should be made of breathable fabric. Breath-ability draws moisture from sweat away from you body, so that you do not become wet from you own sweat. Breath-ability is scientifically measured in grams (g). Your ski jacket should have a minimum breath-ability rating of 5,000. The best in the market have breath-ability rating of up to 25,000g.

Extenders and Pockets:

Some have extenders that you can attach to your goggles to keep them from falling, while others also feature pockets to hold your valuables when you hit the slopes.

In the end the choice and the options are unlimited, it all depends on how much you plan to spend and what features you want in your ski jacket. You should try to buy a jacket that suits your needs at a reasonable price rather and also satisfies your fashion sense. Durability of the product also needs to be taken into account; products from popular brands are usually more durable.

The best ski jackets provide you warmth, proper insulation, waterproofing, and breath-ability.