Wine Coolers and Fridges From Bosch

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The Bosch cooling selection includes not only fridges, but also wine coolers. If it is a refrigerator that you are after, they are available as freestanding under- counter fridges, built- in under- counter fridges, freestanding upright fridges and built- in upright fridges.

I am going to begin with the wine coolers as this is something that the average person is less likely to have. Everybody has a fridge so we can move onto those later on. The wine coolers in the Bosch cooling selection are available as freestanding appliances only. There are only two available in the current range and their main difference is their usable capacity. One of the wine coolers has a 43 bottle capacity whereas the other has almost three times that much at 120 bottles. Both of the freestanding wine coolers have adjustable temperatures from 6 degrees Celsius to eighteen degrees Celsius, so you will easily be able to keep you wine at a perfect temperature.

Now for domestic use, having space for 120 bottles of wine is probably a little bit over the top- maybe not for all of us, but for most of us anyway. 43 bottles is still a little bit unnecessary for me if I’m honest, but you do not have to drink them all at once and if you have the space to keep a wine cooler, it can be a very nice feature for the larger kitchen and entertainment areas of your home.

The height of the KSW30V80GB model is pretty big at 185cm and will probably not be that far off touching your ceiling. It has a width of 59.5cm and a depth of 59.5cm so you are going to need to make sure you have plenty of room before you go out and buy one of these. The other wine cooler in the Bosch cooling selection is only 85cm in height, but then it does only have to fit a third of the number of bottles of wine in it than the 185cm wine cooler. The second model has the same width and depth measurements as the taller appliance. The other main difference between these two wine coolers is the energy efficiency rating. The taller, larger capacity wine cooler has an energy efficiency rating of B, which is not that bad given the size of the appliance. The smaller wine cooler has an energy efficiency rating of A, which is far better and will save you money in the long- run.

The fridges that are available in the Bosch range are available in three different specification groups. This is the same with most of Bosch’s kitchen appliances and is Bosch’s way of helping you to easily distinguish between the specifications of the fridges. The three specification groups that the fridges are available in are the Logixx range, which are high specification models that are packed full of features, but come with a pretty high price tag; The Exxcel range is the middle specification group of fridges and the more basic fridges are in the Classixx range.