Flying RC Helicopters – The Best Hobby Ever

RC Helicopters are very special. This is because they do not need such frivolities like runaways in order for them to fly. All they need is a large open space and they will easily take off. In addition to this, you can also purchase different models of the helicopters on the market. Some of the models available include Jet turbine powered helicopters, toy helicopters, multi-rotor helicopters and electric powered helicopters, just to mention a few.

The most amazing news about this hobby is that due to the competition that is prevalent among companies that manufacture these air-crafts, the prices of the RC Helicopters are now more reasonable than before.

Advantages that people enjoy in this hobby

There are a lot of advantages that people who fly RC air-planes enjoy. One of these is that information is easily accessible. Every hobbyist will agree with me that there is a lot of information out there that deals with helicopters. This information allows all hobbyists to have knowledge about all the technical aspects that involve RC Helicopters.

Another advantage of this hobby is that enthusiasts have the chance of selecting different kinds of models available on the market. These include selecting air-crafts such as the RC Chopper (which is considered difficult to fly and thus, is more suitable for experienced hobbyists) or opting easy to fly helicopters such as the micro coaxial or the toy helicopter.

Features of RC Helicopters

Although these helicopters are of different models, they basically function the same way when it comes to flight. All helicopters fly using what is called rotary motion. This motion allows RC airplanes to fly exactly in the same way as real helicopters. This is achieved through the use of a transmitter which sends signals to receivers that are installed in the helicopters.

Apart from having similar flight motions like full sized helicopters, RC air-crafts are relatively of two types. These are actually co-axial and single rotor:

• Single rotor is divided into two models. These are previously fixed and collective pitch helicopters:

1. A fixed pitch helicopter has 4 channels and flies by using throttle.

2. While on the other hand, a collective pitch helicopter has 6 or more channels and is able to fly without relying on throttle.

The fact that collective pitch helicopters do not rely on throttle makes them too advanced for beginners. For these individuals, it is more suitable for them to start off with the fixed pitch helicopters and then advance on to the collective ones after they have mastered the essential flying skills.