What Do You Know About RC Cars?

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As you probably already know, RC stands for Radio Controlled. An RC car is a battery-operated car, controlled from a certain distance by a remote control.

The first models were running on nitro or gas. The functioning principle is quite easy to understand: the inputs from the remote control’s triggers are sent via a transmitter to the car’s receiver. From the receiver, the radio signal is interpreted and transformed in electrical impulse. The electrical impulse gets to the speed and servo controllers; this way the car starts functioning.

When thinking of RC cars, people are generally thinking of toys; what you probably do not know is that there are all sorts of radio-control aircraft, boats, vehicles and even submarines. This radio-controlled madness began in 1966 with an RC Ferrari. Until today, the fever caught many people; there are organized racing events and competitions for RC enthusiasts.

There are two major classes in every RC domain: amateur or toy class and hobby class.

The difference between these classes is considerable. Toy class cars are world wide available and battery-operated. Once in the hobby area you must know that you have more freedom, more power and more speed. What you also need to know is that if you want to make a hobby out of RC cars you must take care of them as if you take care of a real car. Taking care of the engine, the chassis, the suspensions, wheels etc is just part of the daily routine.

My RC experience started when I was a child with a miniature police car. I played with it a long time, and when I grew a little more, I was disappointed that it got stuck very easy on damaged terrain. What I did next is easy to imagine. I modified the chassis and replaced the wheels with bigger ones from some other toy. When the replacing wheels job was over, I faced another problem: the car was slower now due to the modifications.

Working more than usual the engine was also consuming more power and the autonomy of the car was decreased. I started studying and examining the matter and I found myself caught in a fascinating hobby that I am very proud of. This way I lived to be aware of all the improvements that appeared in the world of RC’s. For the off-road enthusiasts, manufacturers created aluminum alloy chassis, with stainless-steel ball bearings, nylon wheels and reinforced suspension system. These cars have it all either if you are looking for speed, adrenaline or just fun on a sunny day in the park. What is great about this hobby is that you can be two things at the same time: safe and driving.