Easy Cooking With a KitchenAid Electric Range

KitchenAid has been making home appliances for many years. While most people are familiar with their line of small appliances, the company also makes some larger kitchen appliances. The Kitchenaid electric range comes in six different models. Each one has its own unique set of features to enhance your cooking abilities.

They have convection oven models that come in a range of oven designs to fit your needs. The company manufactures both electric and gas model ranges which are available in stainless steel as well as in the traditional white. The KitchenAid electric ranges have seamless cook tops with smooth edges that blend perfectly with any countertop. The stove tops are very easy to keep clean as well.

The electric ranges come with the added convenience of a warmer drawer. This helps keep foods that are already prepared warm, while other foods have yet to finish cooking. You can even purchase ranges that come with a built in microwave oven. This is a convenient feature to have as you get two appliances in the space of one.

The KitchenAid slide in electric range comes in pearl white and usually retails for around $ 1,590. It comes with a wide 30 inch capacity oven, seamless cook top and the true convection system for baking and broiling. The convection system of the KitchenAid ranges offers a more through and even way to cook your foods. This is an important feature when it comes to preparing meats such as turkeys and roasts. The convection cooking method helps eliminate the potential for having your meats come out too underdone in the center or too overcooked.

The ovens come with glass door front windows for easy viewing of foods. Having the option of a stainless steel oven not only gives your kitchen a more contemporary look, it is much easier to maintain. Stainless steel resistant to scratching and is naturally anti-bacterial, so clean up is accomplished with some simple soap and water. KitchenAid has made a name for themselves in home appliances and continues to prove they know what they are doing.