Does Zrii Live Up To All The Hype?

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The motivation of network marketing is the power of word of mouth advertising. Network marketers promote a business opportunity and/or products. These companies are like all others in that a vast majority fail within the first year. So before you become involved with one, you must do your own due-diligence and find out all you can about the company and the product. What you want to find out about the company is its financial stability and the timing. Research the product for its uniqueness and appeal.

I have just discovered a company that not only meets, but exceeds, all that I look for in a network marketing company. And the name of that company is Zrii. The company was founded by a man named Bill Farley and I was impressed what my research turned up about this man. To keep it short, Bill Farley is a self-made mega-millionaire. Bill has owned companies in diverse industries, from apparel, to mining, to railroads, to nutrition and direct sales. He also became part owner of The Chicago White Sox in 1976. Bill Farley is now prepared to finance and take the helm of Zrii. He has assured that Zrii will be his biggest home run yet.

As for the timing, on October 1,2007, Zrii has officially begun its pre-launch. So the timing is as ground-floor as it gets it.

Next, I looked at the product. Zrii is one of the most unique products I have ever heard of in the field of health and well being.

At the heart of its formulation is amalaki. First a little back ground: Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old medical system from India which aims to create dynamic balance in all areas of health. The ancient texts of Ayurveda focus on three primary areas: healing illness, preventing disease, and promoting rejuvenation and longevity.

Among its use of thousands of fruits and herbs, Ayurveda describes amalaki as the single most important botanical for promoting cellular rejuvenation, immune function, and increased vitality. In addition, Ayurveda describes amalaki as a potent anti-inflammatory, digestive aid, elixir for the skin and hair, and metabolic enhancer. This has been extensively validated in the modern scientific community.

A formulation team was put together to create the first ever liquid delivery system for amalaki. This team includes award-winning Western medical doctors, world-renown Ayurvedic physicians, and PhDs in chemistry and nutrition. Along with amalaki, tumeric, tulsi, schizandra, jujube, haritaki, and ginger were added to create a totally unique synergistic blend.

To add to its own uniqueness, Zrii is endorsed by The Chopera Center for Wellbeing; founded by Deepak Chopera, MD and David Simon, MD.

You owe it to yourself to verify what this and then take advantage of all that Zrii has to offer.