Free Motion Quilting Is A Wonderful Hobby

If you are thinking about getting into quilting, I can personally recommend this wonderful hobby! There are very few hobbies that can actually create things that are very useful. Quilting is definitely one of them.

The nice thing about quilting is that you can get into it as much as you and your budget can afford. You can learn how to quilt on a $ 100 sewing machine with inexpensive fabrics. You do not need fancy tools at all to begin! All you need is a desire to learn and improve your skills.

As you progress, you can purchase tools as you see fit to pick them up. That's probably the most wonderful thing about quilting for me. I am able to continue to learn, even after 16 years of quilting. There are always new things that I can learn to improve my quilting crafts.

The nicest thing about quilting is the final products that you produce are quilts! Who does not like a quilt? Even if it does not turn out too good, it still a great throw or bed blanket on cold winter nights. Plus they really do make great gifts.

If you decide that you are going to learn how to quilt, my first recommendation is to take the time and learn the basics. Learning the simple but essential skills in quilting can take a project from disaster to delight. I remember my first quilt – it really was a mess. I had no idea what I was doing!

With time I've not only been able to learn how to quilt successfully, but I've taught many other ladies how to quilt. They have gone onto creating many great quilting creations for themselves and others. One project that I really enjoyed doing was a quilting charity project where some ladies and I took the time over a winter to build over 60 quilts for orphan children.

This project challenged even me, for the sheer numbers involved, but it was really a wonderful experience and many of the ladies that participated to learn how to quilt in the process.

Quilting initially can be quite challenging. The biggest challenge will be learning how to cut and sew straight! It sounds kind of silly, but if you try to build quilt blocks from crookedly cut fabric and then sew it together, your quilt just will not look very good.

Learn how to use basic quilting tools, like the cutting wheel, cutting mat and cutting ruler to keep your fabrics straight. Next learn how to stitch the fabrics together in a straight fashion. Taping a piece of scotch tape onto the surface of your sewing machine about of of an inch from the needle is an excellent and inexpensive guide to help you sew straight.

I wish you lots of fun and luck as you embark on the wonderful hobby of quilting!