Dogs Wear Perfume?

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I am an Aventura Dog Walker and nowadays I see more and more that pets are becoming like part of our family and people go to great lengths to make sure that, just like we would do for a family member, they have those things that will make their lives more enjoyable. From a health insurance to designer wardrobes, pets are extremely spoiled these days and we can find just about every conceivable item in the marketplace so we can ensure that our furry ones live and look like movie stars. And adding a perfume collection to our pet's repertoire will certainly contribute to a stylish lifestyle.

Sexy Beat is one of the more recognizable pet perfumes that are currently popular with pet owners that pride themselves in pampering their four legged friends. It is a unisex blend of bergamot and vanilla-infused musk combined with natural patchouli, mandarin and nutmeg oils. This fragrance is low in alcohol and is specifically formulated for a dog's sensitive sense of smell. It is also Hypo-Allergenic and Paraben-Free and it's priced at $ 50 for the 1.7 oz bottle or $ 65 for the 3.4 oz bottle.

A more upscale fragrance line is Les Poochs Fragrances, which features eight exquisite scents which will leave your pooch smelling delightfully fresh for several days. These light elegant fragrances are packaged in beautiful crystal glass bottles and come in beautiful boxes making them wonderful gifts for the most pampered Pooch. Prices range from $ 38.00 to $ 3000.00 for their VIP parfum, which due to high demand and limited quantity is offered by invitation only.