Barcelona Hostels – Budget Accommodation in Barcelona

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Berlin, Almanya'daki en iyi kendin pişir kendin ye tesisleri için fırsatları bulun ve rezerve edin! Konuk değerlendirmelerini keşfedin ve seyahatiniz için mükemmel kendin pişir kendin ye tesisini ayırın.

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While hostels used to be cheap but highly questionable accommodations while traveling on a budget, this is no longer so. Hostels have grown to offer quality sociable accommodations that are not only budget oriented but enable the traveler to have an opportunity to socialize as well.

Hostels have grown in popularity too, as they have been discovered to be safe places to stay without having the formality of a hotel room. To thwart theft most hostels now provide safekeeping of valuables, or give the guest their own locker.

Traditionally hostels were set up in a dormitory manner, hence noise from other guests may have been a detracting factor so those staying in hostels were advised to carry earplugs, however some of the newer hostels now have a single and double rooms available. en suite!

There are hundreds and hundreds of Barcelona hostels, though here are a few that appear to be highly recommended:

The Albareda Youth Hostal is located in the heart of Barcelona, ​​within a two-minute walk from Las Ramblas, and an easy three-minute walk to the Metro. The hostel features free Wi-Fi Internet connection, a huge lounge, washing machines, and a fully equipped modern kitchen as well as air-conditioning. There are no curfews and no lockouts but they do not accept people over 40, and there is a three-night stay minimum.

The Itaca Hostel and Apartments is located in the highly desirable Gothic area of ​​Barcelona. Their clean and spacious dorm rooms have no minimum stay requirements. All rooms are exteriors and in fact have their own balcony. There is a fully equipped kitchen and their other amenities include heating and air conditioning, a games room, a lounge, TV and DVD, an ironing board, and linens and towels are included. There is also a washing machine available.

Nest Hostel Barcelona is centrally located in the center of the city, close to many of the city's most popular attractions. Linens are included, but you will need to pay extra for towels. They have both a male and female bathroom, and a huge outdoor terrace for sunbathing or just lounging. There is no curbf imposed, and laundry service is available.

If you travel to Barcelona and expect to stay in a hostel and wish to cut costs to their lowest, be assured that you will need earplugs to cover the noises that may come from the other guests as sometimes theorms accommodate a very large amount of people . Also, you should be aware that travelers who stay in hostels might be called backpackers even if they carry luggage. However, on the plus side, most people feel that their hosts are very understanding, gracious and extremely helpful at all times.

In conclusion hostels bring total comfort to a traveler who does not mind sharing accommodations, and they are really a home away from home and will do their very best to be sure you are safe and comfortable for a very low cost!

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