A Casual Friday Apparel Guide for Men

If your office offers a Casual Friday day, the enlightened man should take it as an opportunity to not only be comfortable, but to look good too. Companies that offer a Casual Friday day so as a way to avoid boredom in the office, and to offer employees a day to dress in a relaxed manner. However, do not take dressing-down to mean shoddy, because your bosses, your coworkers and your clients will take notice.

Dressings for Casual Friday is not much different from what you wear everyday to the office. To prove the point, take a look in your favorite department store and you will usually find men's business attire right next to casual business clothing. The idea is to give the perception of comfort, yet look sharp doing it. This is easily achieved by going with a looser fit and softer clothes.

You probably wear a stiff collar shirt, a conventional tie and a suit. Compare it with how you might dress on Casual Friday. You might go with a cloth shirt, sometimes with the sleeves rolled up. You may omit the tie. If you do leave the tie at home adding a bit more color to your shirt is recommended. You can go with Dockers or Chinos as your choice for pants, as they will have a loose fit to them. Replace your suit jacket with a sports coat. Add a pair of leather loafers, or spotless sneakers and you look confident, yet relaxed.

Most men have no idea how to properly dress for Casual Friday, because they are not attuned to men's fashion. While some men think it is silly to keep up with the latest trends in men's attire, the prudent man is in tune with all the latest office fashions. He may be the person who quietly was promoted before you were. How you dress is how others perceive you, whether it is Casual Friday or a regular day at the office.

Finally, how you dress is how others judge you. You may not think it is fair, but it is reality. Yet, when you dress for accomplishment you feel successful. Your coworkers, the boss, and your clients all identify you by how you dress. The prudent man takes his wardrobe seriously, whether it is Casual Friday or not. While you may skip the necktie, adding some color to your casual shirt keeps you looking professional, and adding a sports coat adds class. In addition, wear polished shoes, and yes you may wear sneakers, but make sure they are clean.