Beauty Shop Air Purifier – 3 Essential Filters Are A Must Have

A beauty shop shop's air quality can really become unhealthy fast. The chemical fumes released from products used for posts, coloring, manicures, and pedicures can cause acute symptoms for customers and chronic problems for technicians who work there.

Using an air purifier designed to protect everyone from airborne chemicals that off gas is even more important than using capes to protect their clothing. And you would never think of not using a cape, right? Here are 3 types of filters that your cleaner should have in order to work.

Carbon — Long known for its ability to remove gases, odors, and chemicals, this type of filter is essential. Activated carbon — and a lot of it (15 lbs) — guarantees that gaseous pollutants will be eliminated.

A potassium iodide additive increases the filter's effectiveness at removing the volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) that are so often present in products such as nail polish and remover, and coloring agents to name a few.

This combination has proven to be effective in top salons and can often go a long way towards helping your shop exceed the minimum air quality requirements in your town. Being able to offer the latest products and services and still keep the air smelling fresh will inspire your clients to spread the good word about your salon.

Pre-Filter — As its name suggests, this type comes before the other filters. Generally there needs to be two of these — a large and medium particle filter. Since hair is particulate matter, it only makes since to have filters in the cleaner that can take it out of the air as well.

Putting these filters first traps particles that you can see, and saves the other filters from becoming needlessly clogged. The benefit to your shop is that you spend less on replacing filters, less time on maintenance, and your purifier gets to work to clean the air continuously.

HEPA -This is the type of filter used to clean the air in hospitals. This is important to have because people come to your shop in various degrees of health. Designed to remove particulates as small as.3 microns in size, this can remove not only microscopic particles, but will also remove bacteria and viruses that tend to piggy back on smaller particles.

The importance of fresh air can not be over exaggerated. And removing chemical and particulates that can adversely affect both short and long term health is not only a smart business move, but the right thing to do.