Airline Approved Pet Carriers Make Traveling a Breeze

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Traveling is rarely a fun endeavor. There are so many small details to tend to and if you’re taking the family pet along, it can become even more stressful. Many airlines have strict regulations in place when it comes to bringing a dog or cat on board and you want to be certain you are completely clear on those before you get to the airport. Nothing is quite as frustrating as being told the furry member of your family can’t fly. To avoid this type of situation always ensure you are traveling with airline approved pet carriers.

There are two different ways to transport your animal on an airplane and it really is dependent on how big they are. For all large dogs you’ll have to check the animal and they will be stored in the airplane. You’ll need one of the oversized airline approved pet carriers for this. Before the animal will be accepted at check-in you’ll be required to supply your name and address and final destination. This information will be attached to the container holding your pet in case something goes amiss and the animal is separated from your flights.

Many people choose to bring their pets on board as a piece of carry-on luggage. This is really only acceptable if you are using a small dog carrier or a small cat carrier. These must match the dimensions specified by the airline as being appropriate for a carry-on. You’ll want to be able to store it under the seat in front of you as opposed to the overhead storage bins. This helps your four-legged friend feel more relaxed because they know you are close by.

A good rule of thumb to remember when you are looking for one of these handy pet must-haves is that your animal must fit comfortably in it. You can’t try and fit a large dog into a small carrier. The animal has to be able to lie down and it must have enough room for your dog or cat to turn around. All airline approved pet carriers have to accommodate your pet in these ways. If they don’t, you likely won’t be able to bring the pet with you, which will mean a delay in your trip.

We all know how much more convenient it is to travel with luggage that allows for ease of movement. This means you’ll really want to consider airline approved pet carriers that have wheels. This is true regardless if you are buying one for a small, lightweight animal or a very large dog. Your pet will be much more comfortable being pulled in a carrier that has wheels than they would be if you were carrying them. Just imagine how much smoother it will be for them.

If you consider your pet to be part of your family you’ll want to make certain that they are as safe as possible when traveling by air. Buy a carrier that meets airline regulations and allows your pet room to move and rest. This way you’ll know that they’ll always be snug and secure.

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