Sweet 16 and Never Been Kissed!

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Every girl waits for the day when she will turn her Sweet 16 and have a Sweet 16 party. This milestone often is associated with womanhood and of course, what most girls wait for…a driver’s license. Help your daughter or friend make this journey into adulthood by celebrating her Sweet 16.

Sweet 16 parties can be as minimal or as extravagant as possible. Often times this is the first boy/girl party a teenager will throw. If this is the case make sure to get a detailed invitation list from the guest of honor noting which boys and girls they associate with should be invited. Also make sure that all parents know this is a boy/girl party and that chaperones will be in attendance. And of course ask for parents to help chaperone the event!

One big key to the Sweet 16 party is the music. With the popularity of mp3 players and downloading music allow the birthday girl to select the music a week before the party. This will give the adults and chaperones a proper amount of time to listen to each song removing any that they do not deem proper for the party.

A meal need not be served at a Sweet 16 party. Chips, dips, soda and other munchies will suit this atmosphere just fine. This will help aid in the guests socializing without having to sit down at tables.

Keep in mind that a Sweet 16 party is coveted by every girl and make sure her party is as special as she is!

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