The Weather in Las Vegas

Since it is in the desert, Las Vegas weather is very hot all year long. It does get a bit chilly in January and February, but it is still warm compared to the colder winter climates. The humidity is also high at this time of the year, so rain is quite common. During the summer months though, the weather is very hot, so much so that you will feel as if the asphalt is melting under your feet as you walk along the street.

If you plan to do any hiking while you are there, make sure to bring water along with you. The dry desert air is sure to make you feel thirsty. You also need lots of sunscreen if you don’t want a bad sunburn. Most tourists wear light colored clothing and hats to protect their heads from the sun. During the nights, though, the temperatures do get cold, so you also need to pack some warm clothing.

Most people think that visiting Las Vegas is mainly for gambling at the casino. Since just about all the hotels have a casino as well as many restaurants and nightclubs, you probably won’t see much of the outside. However, there are others who visit this city to take in the scenery and history. This means they will be spending a fair amount of time outdoors and have to be careful. This is why there are weather advisories for extremely hot weather. If you decide you want to explore the desert by ATV, you will need to wear protective clothing as well as carry food and drink with you.