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Create great framed works of art yourself and add character to a room. Whether it is photographs, paintings or a work of art created by your children, images that have a special meaning can add something unique to a room.

Using the power and convenience of the web you can frame your work from the comfort of your own home at a fraction of high street framing prices, any time of the day. There are many web-based picture framing design tool that offers you the convenience, cost effectiveness and the ability to try before you buy – images can be viewed finished and framed online before placing an order, and changes can be made to create the perfect picture. Frames and mounts can be ordered to any required size, not just standard sizes.

Using a web-based framing program is as easy as one, two, three.

– Upload the digital image.

– Choose the colour of mount board from, then team it up with a moulding of your choice.

– When you are satisfied with the look of the image place your order online and have your complete frame delivered to your home.

If you are a busy working person and do not want to DIY or spend a lot of money on framing services, then online framing is for you. In actual fact, online framing simplifies the whole picture framing process. By simply specifying the actual picture or photo size, the mat board color and the type of moulding, the company will send you a ready made frame and what you need to do is just to insert your picture inside it.

Some better framing program also give you the ability to see many different configurations of mat boards or mouldings in thumbnails – this makes comparing different mat board colors and moulding styles for the picture or photograph easy. The most amazing thing is that all this can easily be achieved with just a few clicks with the mouse at the comfort of your home.

The main disadvantage of buying a ready made frame online is probably the total cost (including freight) could be 10 to 30 percent higher than the normal cost.

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