Preparing to Sell Your Crafts at The Market

You are never bored as you love doing different crafts. It is so much fun, even deciding what to do next and whether it be knitted, crocheted or sewn. You spend many hours on this wonderful hobby and have decided now is the time to reap some rewards for your hard work. A friend has suggested you sell your goods at a market. The idea sounds good but a bit daunting. How do you start to prepare for this?

Which Market?

You are best not to go to the local market, just because it is the closest. Have a look through your local papers to see if there are any markets especially for arts and crafts. If this happens to be the market closest to you, that is terrific but if the craft markets listed, are further away, it is still well worth considering them. The reason for this is that the people who attend a craft market are there because they appreciate the look, feel and effort applied to handmade products. They are more likely to be there to buy something, than someone attending a Trash and Treasure market. The prices for your goods are also not competing with second-hand goods.

What Do I Need To Take?

Once you have decided which market to sell your crafts, give them a phone call and ask if tables are included in the seller’s fee. If it is, that is something you can cross off the list, if not sometimes the markets hire them out for a nominal fee. It can be an early start and a late finish so taking a padded fold up chair is a necessity. Another really good idea,, is to take a friend with you. This will not only be company for you while you are there but also a big help. Firstly they can help if there are a few people buying at the same time and also for both of you, one at a time, to take a wander around and see what other crafts are for sale and at what prices. Taking a small float is a good idea as quite often people make their first purchases with a large note.

How To Price My Goods

Pricing your goods is probably the hardest part of preparing for the market. We all know that if you worked out the cost of the materials and then added on the hours you took to complete the individual goods, you will definitely be trying to sell at a price too high for the prospective buyers. Visit shops that sell similar goods, beforehand and get an idea of what prices they are selling at. Remember you made the goods in the first place because of your love of craft.

Enjoy your first market and hopefully after a successful day there will be many more. Don’t forget to take a bottle of water as it can be thirsty work. Good luck!