Buying Pet Apparel

Dressing your pooch can be a very enjoyable activity. With all the many options available for pet apparel, you can opt for cute outfits, designer outfits, and even outfits that fit every holiday and occasion. You can even buy doggie outfits for traveling. There are a lot of designer boutiques that specialize in dog outfits and accessories such as puppy sunglasses, traveling bags that will match yours, as well as them outfits ranging from basketball jerseys to pink tutus, and clothing items that will have your dog channeling Mariah Carey , Dennis Rodman, or Oprah in minutes.

Pet apparel shopping basics

When shopping for pet clothes, it is best to consider the clothing material, the size of your pet, and whether your pet appears comfortable in the outfit. It is best to bring your pet along when shopping. Most stores allow pets to try on clothes as long as they are securely leashed. When you can not bring your pet with you, bringing its measurements along can help in getting the outfit for its size. Take the measurements by measuring your dog from the collar down to the base of his tailbone. Also take the measurement from behind the dog's legs as well as the measurements of the dog's chest and back. Also take the measurements behind your dog's tummy. Allow a 1/4 to 1/2 inch variance in your measurements to make sure that you end up choosing pet apparel that is not too tight. Safety is a major consideration when shopping for pet clothes. Most dogs are fond of chewing, so avoid clothing that comes with small buttons, bells, and other attachments that your pooch could choke on.

Dog clothes as gifts

If you do not own a dog but have friends who do, dog clothes are a great gift idea, either for your friend or the dog. There are also a lot of pet stores that offer gift certificates, which can be a great gift as well. Aside from pet apparel, dog accessories and even food, such as custom cupcakes and bone-shaped cakes will surely make any pet owner smile. Buying pet apparel online Doing your shopping online is the perfect alternative to brick-and-mortar shopping if you are low on time. There are a lot of online pet stores that offer pet clothes and accessories. You can usually find more options online than offline and you can usually expect your purchase to arrive in a day or two. When shopping online, make sure you are buying from reliable online sellers by looking at customer reviews or checking the BBB. Also check sizes before purchasing and make sure that the store has a reliable refund policy in case your item does not fit your dog.

Making your own pet apparel

If you own a dog that needs thicker layers of clothing or you simply want to dress your pooch in unusual designs and fabrics, you can easily make your own pet apparel. If you know how to sew, you can download pet clothing patterns online.