The Beauty Of Long Hair

Although looking beautiful, with a touch of romanticism, long hair looks to be nowadays the exclusive feature of little and teenage girls and movie celebrities, such as Julia Roberts or Angelina Jolie. Why? Of course, first you have to make sure it works for your facial structure, without making you look older or fatter. For older women, it will not work most times. But the main reason why it is so rare by comparison with other styles is that it needs a lot of maintenance. If you have a curly or perm hair, you would better forget about it altogether, unless you have long hours to spare in front of the mirror and plenty of patience to untangle it every morning, without being tempted to comb it to baldness.

But, on the other hand, beauty does require effort, or for modern women just using hair care products or the styling department. As Cynthia Nixon put it in one of the many series of 'The Sex and the City', 'with the right colorist, any [red-haired] woman may look Irish'. Mutatis mutandis, with the right products or stylist, any [long-haired] woman may look like a fairy or at least like a perfectly groomed actress.

Most active women would prefer at best bobs or layers for the expediency sake. When you have a demanding full-time job and kids to take to school, it seems that the wash and go philosophy is the one appropriate for hair care. But it remains neutralless true that most women associate long hair with youth and femininity and, if asked, they would prefer it to any other style.

Beside requiring by its very nature high maintenance, long hair may be even more difficult to keep if it is overly fine, with split ends, in short, really damaged. But again there are numberless hair care products to attend to that problem. If you want to have your hair long, but it is overly fine, so it would look 'scarce', you may simply replace your normal shampoo with a thickening one, adding that more volume to it. If your hair looks lifeless because of being dyed or permed so very often, there you have a mending complex helping you to fulfill your desire of dreamy, flowing strands. Not only will your hair get stronger, but it will shine like 'fields of gold'. And nothing could work better for long hair than a tonic lotion, which, besides being nutritious, it will untangle it as nothing else could.

So, exactly as you take care of your face or nails, do not forget your hair, which needs more than combining and coloring to be what nature meant it to be: a feature of your personality adding beauty and style to your physical appearance.