Make Eye Makeup

Eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner – you can make eye makeup just like the big name cosmetics manufacturing companies.

Making eye makeup is easy, requiring minimal space and equipment, and with mineral mica pigments, it’s not only highly profitable, it’s highly creative.

Why use mica minerals to make eye makeup?

  1. Unlike other forms of makeup, eyeshadows created from mica minerals are easy to blend into a smooth powder or add to an emollient base, requiring fewer procedures than many creams and gels.
  2. Mica pigments can be blended together allowing you to create almost any color you can imagine.
  3. You can create many different effects, depending on the size of the mica particles you choose. Want to make eye makeup with a satin sheen? Choose small micas of about 20 microns. Want to make eye makeup with sparkle and luster? Choose micas of up to 150 microns.
  4. If you want to create popular metallic shades of gold, copper, silver and bronze, you can use mica pigments treated with titanium dioxide and iron oxide pigments.
  5. If you want bright, colorful shades, you can use micas treated with D&C reds, carmine, aluminium oxide, chromium oxide – among many others.
  6. Mineral formula makeup is incredibly popular and consumers are willing to pay high prices – unaware that this is one of the least expensive methods of production.

Why is it so consumer-friendly to make color cosmetics for eyes using mica minerals?

  • Mineral formula eye cosmetics are easy to apply and have long staying power.
  • Requires minimal preservatives.
  • Mineral makeup is low-allergenic. It is usually suitable for those with allergies or skin irritations such as acne or dermatitis.
  • Provides natural sun protection properties.
  • The range of colors is virtually unlimited
  • Colors can be mixed for consumers to make eye makeup of their color choice.

Apart from eye shadow, you can also make eyeliner and mascara easily and with high profit margins.

If you want to do more than just manufacture eye makeup, you could increase your product range to include specialty eye treatment creams. Many women and men suffer from dark circles under the eyes and puffy eyes. Using new cosmetic ingredients specifically designed to counteract this condition, you can produce these high profit in-demand skin care items.

If you want to produce cosmetics as a business, it is essential that you use professional recipes. While the FDA does not require you to have any kind of license in order to start a cosmetics manufacturing business (even though the big conglomerates would like you to believe otherwise), your products must be free of pathogens and any unsafe ingredients. You can easily achieve international leading brand quality when you use professional cosmetic formulations to make eye makeup.