How to Choose a Dog Grooming Clipper

Having a dog requires more than just feeding and walking your pet. Dog owners need to provide a grooming regimen to help keep their pet healthy and happy. As part of a healthy dog's lifestyle is a suitable grooming kit for home use and in between regular grooming appointments with a professional groomer. Your kit should include brushes, combs, nail trimmers, pet shears, a pet trimmer or dog clipper, quality shampoo and conditioner specifically for your pet.

Our focus right now is on the pet trimmer or dog clipper. There are numerous models to choose from which range in price. As a professional groomer I can tell you that the lower priced clippers will only lead to disappointment in the short term. A mid-range clipper manufactured by a pet industry leader such as Oster, Wahl, or Andis will provide you with a much better product, a sharper blade system, and a longer life for the investment. Only use pet trimmers specifically designed for animals.

Caring for your pet's coat can be a daunting task. If you are unsure how to properly trim, brush or clean your pet's coat, ask your professional groomer or your veterinarian. Your groomer will be more than happy to show you the proper way to maintain your pet's coat in between regular appointments. This helps make the grooming experience – both at home and at the groomer's – a pleasant one.


* Price range that suits your budget

* Manufacturer – pet industry leaders

* Speed ​​(s) – better models have two or more speeds

* RPM's – the higher the RPM, the cleaner the cut

* Weight of clipper (there are battery operated models that weigh only ounces … while the electric pet trimmers can weigh one pound)

* blade options and interchangeable blades by manufacturer

* Battery operated or standard electric corded pet trimmer

A pet trimmer needs to be of good quality, lightweight and reliably quiet. Proper handling of the pet trimmer will provide a smooth trim and a relaxing experience for your pet. Should you need assistance in how to handle the dog clipper on your pet, ask your groomer for a short instructional appointment. We would rather help you maintain your pet's coat than for you wait too long and have to have your pet's coat completely removed.

A quality pet grooming clipper will be an investment that will provide years of service and will make your home pet grooming an easier task.