Boardwalk Empire’s Nucky Thompson Shoes

HBO’s hit series drama, Boardwalk Empire, depicts the gangster life of the 1920’s; the start of the prohibition. Characters such as Al Capone, Lucky Luciano and others are portrayed.

In these days, gangsters had the best fashion sense. This is mainly because they had a disposable income. They would walk into a clothing store and ask for the best shirts, jackets, slacks and shoes money could buy. Their entire wardrobe was put together by the shop designers.

Among these ruthless killers and thugs, there were gentlemen; names like Arnold Rothstein would come to mind. In the series, Boardwalk Empire, one gangster/gentleman stands out from the rest, when it comes to style. Nucky Thompson.

The History

The Nucky Thompson shoes have become very famous in the last two months due to the recent success of the show. The thing that separates Mr. Thompson from the rest of the gangsters is the word gangster. Mr. Thompson wasn’t a gangster; he was just a corrupt politician. The character was based on Enoch Lewis Nucky Johnson, a boss of the Republican political machine that ran Atlantic City.

Enough about the history, lets get back to the style. In the opening credits of Boardwalk Empire, we see Steve Buscemi approach a shoreline in a fabulous 3 piece, pin stripped suit. A shot of his beautiful wing tips graces the camera: the infamous Nucky Thompson shoes.

The Two-Toned Wing Tip Shoes

The Nucky Thompson shoes are two toned wing tips by Forzieri. Forzieri is an Italian shoe making brand that makes all of their shoes by hand. The shoes themselves have amazing perforations that run throughout the shoe. The soles are made of excellent, and durable, quality leather. The interior of the beautiful Forzieri wing tip shoes has an entire layer of leather added to the shoe. This prevents any discomfort from the external stitching. Only the best made shoes have this. Would Nucky Thompson wear anything but the best? Absolutely not.

Although the Nucky Thompson shoes are a bit pricey, they have an additional Hollywood-star quality to them that adds value to an already amazing shoe. If you’d like more information on the Nucky Thompson shoes, visit Soletopia.