Wholesale Clogs – Stock Up on Clogs for Easy Access to Comfortable Shoes

Hospitals are high pressure work environments for the personnel who keep them running on daily basis. Everyone is always on the move conducting different hospital functions by the minute. With such high movement comfort is a key aspect in ensuring that the hospital staff members do not tire easily.

Clogs have for a long time been worn by medical personnel because of the comfort they offer and their ability to maintain the cleanliness levels required in hospitals. Most hospitals have clogs as their standard issue footwear. The shoes are usually made from plastic like materials with a spongy insole layer. The shoes enable the medical staff to stay on their feet for extended periods of time without getting tired. The spongy padding provides comfort to the wearer while their loose nature allows the wearers feet to breathe, unlike normal shoes which often apply pressure to every part of the feet. They are closed at the front with an arch like opening at the heel making them easy to put on and take off as required. The closed front also protects the toes of the wearer from accidental dropping of sharp medical instruments or the possibility of hazardous spills. The soles are made from rubber, which is non stick, to prevent spill and fall instances. The shoes are also non-absorbent meaning that they do not allow any liquid to see in the shoes. The nature of the shoes also makes them maintain a grip on the floor which aids in stabilizing the wearer and promoting swift movements while wearing them.

Wholesale clogs buying helps medical institutions save up on money through the cost reduced rates that come with buying in bulk. The buying is a projection of future needs when the shoes will still be required within the hospital environment, saving on time that would have been spent constantly stocking up the shoes when shortures arise. Bulk buying ensures that there is always an extra pair of the comfortable shoes for medical personnel to change in as required. Lab technicians and other medical practitioners may need to access sterile sections of the hospital. In a bid to maintain the sterile conditions such personnel members can easily grab a pair of scrubs and clogs. Buying wholesale clogs does not require expert selection of shoes which work for men and those which work for women. The clogs are unisex and can be worn by both women and men.

When it comes to the maintenance and cleaning of the shoes, they rarely require specialized care. They can be cleaned by simply wiping them with a damp cloth. The only time they may require specialized cleaning is when they acquire chemical stains. However if the chemical stain has ruined them, they might as well be discarded. The shoes should not be stored under direct sunlight or near heat sources due to the plastic like material that they are made from. Under high heat the shoes may expand and lose their shape.

Clogs are standard issue hospital footwear for medical personnel. The shoes are designed to enhance comfort in the hospital working environment which has medical personnel on their feet for prolonged periods of time. The shoes fit loosely and have a padded insole for added comfort. Hospitals buy wholesale clogs to save on time and money.