What Do The Simpson’s Have To Do With Your Baby Shower Decor?

As I look back on all the parties we have ever hosted or have ever been invited to I can honestly say the ones I remember best of all and the ones that gave me the most pleasure were ‘themed’ parties.

When my wife and I lived in Canada for a number of years our friends were as cosmopolitan as you could imagine. There were South Africans English German Scottish Chinese and the rest of the world.

In the summer we used to have several parties (that doesn’t mean to say we didn’t have them in the winter as well). Each of the parties would be a ‘themed’ party. One member of our group would offer to host it and of course they would advise the others what the theme was going to be.

For instance one year we had a Scottish theme. Every one was dressed in Tartans and Kilts we drank Mead and ate Haggis. Scottish games were arranged and were very competitive.

On another occasion a South African friend hosted a party. The men were to be costumed as Zulu Tribal Warriors and the women as their mates. The evening was called Ipitombi Night. We were all dressed up as scantily clad Zulu warriors dancing around the fire that night with spears in hand. We ate Bourboti (I think I’ve spelled it wrong) a South African dish with Rice and we listened to drum music and drank the local firewater.

What made these events so successful and so memorable was the preparation that went into them. We would all be given several months notice and would therefore have plenty of time to research and to plan not just the events but the costumes the food and the entertainment. It is this kind of ‘buy in’ to the party that served to build excitement over a significant period of time. The events were wonderful exciting, interesting, different and memorable.

So where am I going with this ‘interesting’ story? I can hear you asking the question what has this to do with your baby shower décor?

Quite simply I am extolling the virtues of themed events and I am convinced you should consider themed events for your baby shower and it will include of course your baby shower décor.

Now I don’t intend to give you an exhaustive list of themes rather suggest two or three and comment about them. The point being if you can understand how strong my memories are of the parties in Canada then you will realize what kind of an impact a themed party can have for you and what terrific photo collection there will be to follow.

Take for instance the theme Noah’s Ark! Now you can have all kinds of fun with that. Send out your invitations and insist that attendees turn up as an animal. The baby and the kids will love it, it will be so much fun. Nursery Rhymes is another good topic and it is surprising how inventive people can be and how they become intensively interested in the project.

How about the theme; The Simpson’s just stop and think for a minute how much fun you could have with that one. Homer Lisa Bart and Maggie will all be attending all dressed up brilliantly-what a laugh!

So perhaps you should get planning for the Simpson’s to attend and build your baby shower décor accordingly.

Whatever you decide even the most ordinary Baby Shower will be extra-special if all the decorations and the food and music the invitations and the games are all done with a theme! …