The Right Times to Charge For Your Bags

So you want to stock a range of bags to offer to your customers? That’s no problem, because there are plenty of different ones to choose from and they all have certain benefits attached to them.

But if you really want to make a good impression, why not stock bags that look good, are strong and long lasting, and also have no adverse effects on the environment? Now that type of eco friendly bag is sure to impress anyone who comes across it!

But how do you know when you should charge your customers to take one of the bags away with them, and when to give them away for free?

The key is to think about who will benefit the most from making sure the customer has a bag. Just imagine wanting to promote your business with a message that proclaims you are going green and doing your bit to protect the environment, for example. Now that would be a great opportunity to put that message on the side of your bags and give them away for nothing, because your customers will then use them and do a wonderful job of promoting your message for you in the process!

But these green bags are so versatile that they can also look wonderful with a design or distinctive logo on the side, so you could even launch a whole range of bags on a specific theme that has nothing to do with your business at all. Because they are made from NWPP – non-woven polypropylene – you can be sure that the finished result will look amazing… and it will certainly catch the eye of a passing customer if you put it on display in a prominent position in your store.

In this case you would certainly charge for the privilege of buying one of the bags – but you would have plenty of benefits to point out to the customers, just in case they needed persuading that these bags were well worth buying!

For example, you can tell them just how long these bags are likely to last. In fact they are so strong they could be using them for years. No more horrible plastic bags that just don’t look the part, that’s for sure!

And they will be doing their bit for the environment as well because they will be able to recycle them once they do finally wear out (which will be a long time to come).

But if you really want to feel better about charging for the bags, why not start up a charity donation that will gain even more publicity for your bags in the process?

For example, if you charge $10 for each bag you could donate $2 of that (or whatever you feel comfortable with) to a green eco friendly charity for each bag that sells. This would give even more encouragement to people to buy them, and you’d be doing your bit for the environment in more ways than one as well! What better reason could there be for buying some of these bags to resell right now?