Kitchen Layout Design – Options Explored

Home is where the hearth is. This popular adage reinforces the colossal significance of the kitchen in every home. These workspaces are no longer just another neglected part of the house. In addition to providing an efficient place for the creation of sumptuous meals, modern-day kitchens have emerged as the new hubs for innovation.

Hardly a surprise that kitchen layout designs scale new heights in functional excellence and finesse with such effortless ease.

Efficiency Redefined

With lifestyles in blue-chip metros acquiring rampaging dimensions with each passing day, highly-integrated and efficient, yet trendy kitchen layouts have become more than just a style statement. So we have sleek counters, cabinets and drawers customized to fit the needs and aspirations of homeowners.

The three core work centers of the space – the sink, the refrigerator and the range must complement each other. Arrange them in a systematic manner without any obstacles in their path – decorative objects, cabinets and furniture. Above all, their arrangement must not hinder their use in anyway.

Here are a few layouts that one can explore:

  • Parallel kitchen : It's ideal for those grappling with the constraints of space. In this design, the counters and cabinets are organized on the opposition walls of the kitchen space.
  • L-shaped kitchen : It's a design that does not sacrifice easy accessibility and movement for storage options.
  • U-shaped kitchen : It's a dream design with plenty of space for storage and experimenting with your culinary skills.
  • I-shaped kitchens : A slightly-condensed version of a parallel kitchen, this one has all appliances stacked against a single wall.
  • Island kitchen : An extremely popular design, here the kitchen island takes center stage, and is used for an assortment of purposes, ranging from the preparation of meals to giving finishing touches to school homework.

The choice is endless, but the common thread that runs through them is promoting efficiency and judicious utilization of space.