Kids Toys by PUKY – Who Are They?

PUKY – The name stands for competency in kid focused vehicle development – a high quality standard that is guaranteed by computer-aided design and decades of experience. PUKY started out their life by building balance bikes but soon moved in to creating additional kids toy vehicles such as go karts, tricycles and scooters. PUKY now manages a selection of more than 50 different products. These toys are available for kids from as young as 2 up to 10.

PUKY's quality control is reinforced by an extensive testing process that covers every part of the manufacturing line. From supply up to exit. This internal process is then supplemented by outside test institutes in Germany. PUKY makes products for kids that are enjoyable, very reliable and safe.

PUKY started off in Germany during the 1950's and sold only to the German market until a few years back when it moved into international markets. It now dominates the balance bike market in over 15 European countries as well as countries in the America's, Asia and Australia.

PUKY kid's vehicles are produced in modern production facilities using environmentally-friendly technologies that far exceed European and US requirements. The entire philosophy at PUKY is about producing safe, fun and reliable toys and so they never settle at the basic requirements. They are constantly innovating and improving their quality control methods.

Customer service is extremely important to PUKY and they retain a tight reign on their wholesalers and retailers to ensure that high quality and customer care is high through the chain from PUKY to the customer. If you have bought a PUKY item anywhere in the world then PUKY will always be willing to help you if you have any problems with their products.