Publishing Your eBook

What is an eBook?
An eBook or electronic book or digital book is a simple digital text file that can be read on your computer or dedicated reading devices. eBook may consist of text, sound, photographs, illustrations and video. eBook also can contain the "hot link" that will bring the eBook reader immediate access to the website linked in the text.

Your eBook can be published in several different ways:

1. Your eBook can be as a digital file that is downloaded and then read on the laptop or desktop computer.

2. Your eBook can be created as a digital file that are downloaded and read on palm-top or handheld computer.

3. Your eBook can be created as a digital file that downloaded and read on dedicated eBook reader devices.

4. Your eBook can be a digital file that is copied onto CD-ROM or Floppy Disk.

Here is what you need to start your successful journey in publishing your eBook:

1. You need a computer with internet connection.

2. You need Microsoft Word Program to let you save the ASCII text files. If you have the Adobe Acrobat that would be great, but you do not need it now as a beginning time.

3. You need a fax machine.

4. You need multiple e-mail accounts. You will need one for your business, one for your personal e-mail and one for the return email when you register to search engine and directories because when you register to them, you will receive a lot of junk e-mails.

5. You need a desire to adjust your market place. Try to stay out of a fixed mindset on what a book is supposed to resemble. Allow your paying customer to help it evolve into a masterpiece that they will enjoy. Keep open for formatting and authoring more eBooks in a variety of formats.

The advantage of publishing eBook rather than traditional book publishing:

1. The production cost that you must spend is much much less than you publish a traditional book.

2. You will realize a higher rate of return.

3. Your eBook can be distributed to world wide easily and quickly.

4. You will able to perfect the eBook by making changes to the text whenever you feel it necessary.

The most important thing by publishing your own eBook is you have started your own business that will bring you to become an internet entrepreneur.

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